Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee from the reinforcements picture.

Dev Description: "Shield suddenly becomes much more important for Bumble Bee, who lacks the innate armor that Beetle has. But it also makes Adrenaline a bit less valuable because of the innate speed that Bumble Bee has, just as an example..."

Description: The alternate skin of Beetle, replacing the "Armor" level up skill with "Speed", results in a weaker, quicker tank, with greater evasive abilities, but reduced survivability when struck. In lieu of innate Armor, Beetle's Shield and Warrior Gauntlet equipment are often a good choice for Bumble Bee, as they both provide a passive armor bonus, and offset some of the loss of tanking potential. Upgrading Regeneration is important with Bumble Bee, as it's good for quickly hitting enemies and escaping. If you find yourself using Beetle as a primary hero, and not the occasional tank, you would probably benefit from Bumble Bee.

Recommended Level-Ups: Speed is most important to dodge attacks and then Regeneration for if he is actually hit, he will regen quickly (without armor, getting hit is a big problem). Stun could be just as useful, though, as he can smash everyone quickly without having to deal with so many attacks.

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