Bug Heroes has six free adventure maps, three IAP adventure maps and three free coliseum maps. Each adventure map has a different feature/features.

Summary of All Maps Features:


1. Features a rat hole, which is a very dangerus place.


1. Two special enemies: Spikebug and Assassin Bug.


1. There is a slow robot which walks around, kicks bugs and shoots lasers at them. Turns off at night.

2. Lots of Pillbugs.


1. There is a fast cat which kicks bugs. It always sleeps during the daytime.

2. There are Frendlies that you can save, and then they will fight for you. They're like little turrets and they can't move.


1. Features turtles in the water. They hit and knock back you from a long range with their head.

2. There are branches, usally most of the food and boss bugs spawns at there. It's a very thin area.

3. Five special enemies. ( Different siege units: dragonflies)

Living Room:

1. It's the biggest map.

2. Four special enemies. (all of them are different fleas)


1. There's a giant worm which will damage you from the ground if you don't move for a while.

2. Six special enemies.

3. Mushrooms grow around the base.


1. Six very special enemies, all with a different special feature.

2. Thin bridges between the tables.


1. Six special enemies.

2. Treasure chests filled with different amounts of bonus money (from 100$ to 300$). You can find and collect them.

3. There are thiefs that can come from the above and quickly steal money from you, or they can run to you, quickly steal your money, and then run away.

Tree Stump (Coliseum):

1. There are mushrooms. When you eat them, they boost both damage and speed. They will get bigger over time. Eating a bigger mushroom means more bonus.

Sink Arena (Coliseum):

1. There are coloured pills that can boost armor, damage and speed. Yellow ones boosts armor, red ones boosts damage, and blue ones boosts speed. They don't have to grow unlike the mushrooms in the Tree Stump.

Picnic Battlefield (Coliseum):

1. Four special enemies.

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