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Garden map, Bug Heroes

Garden is the sixth Adventure map, available via the IAP pack, "The Grand Masters." The map is L-shaped and fairly open, with the base located between the edge and the center of the map.This is actually the second revision of the Garden map; the first was symmetrical and cramped.


Garden features mushrooms, whcih grow naturally and boost either speed, damage, or armor, depending on their color. Mushrooms of the same color do not stack, e.g. eating two yellow mushrooms only gives you the power of the stronger one. This reduces the need for mushroom turret on this map. Yet, you always need to be on the move, because every couple minutes, a giant worm with big pincers will dig out of the ground below you, damaging you by 80! As soon as you see dirt starting to pop out of the ground, RUN!!! The worm has a somewhat large hitbox compared to it's model, but looks around and becomes harmless after popping out of the ground. Try not to stay as a slow hero for too long.

Copy of IMG 0255

This giant worm almost hit Bumble Bee!


Garden has several unique enemies: The Ladybugs, the Pincer Ants, the Stinkbug, and the Brown Recluse. Ladybug Shielders increase armor of nearby enemies, while Ladybug Medics heal them. Pincer Ants are small yet deadly, ants capable of piercing armor with their...pincers. Giant Pincer Ants are slower, heavier variants of the lowly Pincer Ants who's bite can rip through health quickly. Brown Recluses are large spiders who try to paralyze you with their bite. (Note: Their toxins only affect one hero, so if you're bitten, switch heroes and GET AWAY FROM IT!) Stinkbugs poison you if you approach it's toxic circle. Fast heroes are useful for taking down these enemies.


Because the base is somewhat open, Termite is useful, to create chokepoints. MG turrets are useful, due to likelihood of bugs sneaking up on the base. Mushroom turrets are not very useful because there are already mushrooms here. Scouter Turrets aren't needed because the map is quick to navigate, but fast, damaging heroes are needed because of the enemies! It is important to continuesly move around, like in Attic, because of the worm that pops out of the ground. You'll need to avoid it or risk losing a lot of health. Slow and weakly armored heroes are a pain to use because of that worm. Crab is good because with defender he could practically see the entire map.

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