Hunter as seen on the hero selection screen.

Hunter is the alternative skin of Mantis.

Dev Description: FM never gave any description on Hunter, mainly because his original (Mantis) came out only a few days before the reinforcements. They didn't want to give away mantis by saying his alt.

Description: Using Hunter instead of Mantis sacrifices Armor for Speed, making for a more evasive style. Assassinate and Stun then replace Vicious and Concentration, making for a very offensive 1-on-1 hero. If using Hunter, be sure to pick up Thick Hide and try to avoid damage at all costs. Hunter is for players who want to end the battle quickly rather than waiting it out. One of his more unque uses is the ability to easily comback Ninja Spiders on Attic. His attack has incredible range and with his speed, stunning and assassinating, he can easily avoid them and hit them hard!

Recommended Level-Ups: For high damage, put lots of points in Assassinate. Speed can start being upgraded on the way, especially for colisieum. Stun can be next to help avoid lots of enemies attacking every split second. Health if you're currently low on it.

Recommended Load-Out: Warrior Blow (great centipede killer), Night Stalker (extremly powerful attacks and speed at night), Thick Hide (Hunter looses armor so you'll need it to avoid damage), Steadfast (can get you out of almost any situation), Prey (great for surviving without your armor skill)

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