Dev Description: Katydid Wanderer (Stickbug) -- "Replaces Mana with Speed, and Focus with Regeneration... essentially you're getting a quicker, more survivable version of Stickbug, without the raw power and spell casting ability. There are definite pros and cons of each, and it really boils down to play-style and which abilities and equipment you prefer."

Description: He would be better for those annoyed by Stickbug's tedious traits and low durability, since he can explore quickly and will heal quickly when struck. This allows you to stay as him instead of switch to another hero when low on health. Fire Staff is very useful with Leafbug to get great damage since he lost quite a bit of it with focus, and the extra range is also nice to have.

Recommended level-ups: Switch between Speed and Spell Blast, as those would make him able to escape enemies easy. Then regeneration for the times when he does get struck. Health is pretty dull, and only good when Leafbug's currently low on it. You can upgrade the skills together if you want to.

Leafbug's Face

LeafBug's Face! Well, his eyes at least...

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