Picnic is an unpopular Coliseum level. It consists of a unique set of enemies, and a large, roungly square arena. It's the biggest Coliseum map.
Ipod 074

the right-side of the level, with the human being on the right


A human can be seen sleeping in the right side of the level, effectively blocking that area off. There are plates, electronics and a pizza box laying around the red-and-white checkered picnic mat. There is a King Ant diagonally up-left from the starting position, just sitting down and enjoying the utter destruction. There are no extra gimmicks on this map (like the cat from Yard).
Ipod 075

The left side of the level.


Picnic has a unique set of enemies not seen in the rest of the game. They consist of the Native Archer, the Native Spear Ant, the Native Dart Blower, and the Native Beetle Rider. The Native Archers are the everyday ranged units, but the arrows pierce a little bit of armor. The Native Spear Ants are nimble on their feet, and also pierces armor. Native Dart Blowers are especially annoying, because their projectile slows down the hero. Native Beetle Riders are powerful melee tanks, not unlike the Crabbie. However, they are much quicker, spawns more frequently, and lacks a special attack.
Ipod 062

The King Ant and his hostile wife which is towards the top-left of the level.


Try to stay around the starting position. This will let you dodge more slowing arrows coming from the Native Dart Blowers, of course if you have a fast hero. Fast heroes are nice, as the map is big. Watch out for the Native Beetle Riders, they are fast and do high damage. Ladybug's riposte is great for them, but it's hard to use. Watch out for the every kind of ranged enemy of this map. Their arrows are faster than bullets, which is making them more hard to dodge. If things are getting overwhelming, u can take a stroll around pizza box for some breathing room (of course don't get cornered, and dont do that when there are enemies in there!). Watch out for the bottom left corner, there's a small area in there near the frisbee. Don't get cornered in there!

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