Pillbug Knight on the Reinforcements picture.

Dev Description: Pillbug Knight (Ladybug) -- "Basically a bigger, purely defense oriented Ladybug, replacing Speed with Self Defense, and also having more substantial Armor (The the same as Beetle's, which is a bit better then Ladybug). With fully upgraded Self Defense, this guy can almost be a replacement for Beetle, with frequent knockbacks and incredible defense."

Description: This guy is almost identical to Beetle, yet with different abilties, less knockback and faster speed. The big difference is that he's more focused on fewer, larger enemies, especially those that attack heroes and not food. Fencing Mask and Extra Shields are perfect abilities to have to be as healthy as Beetle. If luck is on your side (by using Hardened Shell), an attack could do literally nothing. A possible replacement for Beetle or Mantis, especially on wide spread maps where the enemies are everywhere, since he can slash many times in a quick attack.

Recommended Level-Ups: Armor and Self Defense are most important for...defense. Self Defense is useful for having an AoE and knock back as good as Beetle's. Hardened Shell goes last because of its unreliability.

Additional Note: Pillbug has Beetle's sound bank instead of Ladybug's, since he is a male. But, he never says "got a light?" because he doesn't smoke a cigar.

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