Playroom is the third Adventure map. It is roughly square in shape, with the base located near the edge of the map.


(Red dots indicate the spawn points of the boss bugs and food.) The lower right hand corner is well hidden so make sure to check there for food often. It's also the most likely place to get cornered, so be sure you know what you're doing. Playroom also has a robot that randomly walks around, kicking around bugs in close proximity to itself, and sometimes fires bursts of red energy (recolored bullets) that has high knockback power. Although it usually aims the lasers at you, quick-minded heroes can lead enemy bugs into them (although this is challenging since the lasers originate from its "eyes", which are high above the ground). Its attacks are much more dangerous to you than they are to other bugs, so it is best avoided. Note that the robot automatically turns off at night.
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Playroom features an exceptionally large number of ranged enemies, especially a horde of Pillbugs and Cockroaches. Pillbugs are armed with two rapid fire uzis and can take heros down easily if their population is uncontrolled. Pillbugs are also able to roll into a protective ball, which blocks all of your attacks but is still affected by knockback. Cockroaches have slow-firing grenade launchers that has the possibility of doing massive damage if one grenade hits you head on, but it's relatively easy to spot the grenades arcing towards you in midair. Unlike the Flea Mortar Teams in the Living Room, Cockroaches' launchers detonate on contact with the ground (or you!).
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the robot is sleeping


A ranged attacker is absolutely necessary for this map. There are many ranged attackers, so you'd want a powerful ranged hero, like Ant or Stickbug, or maybe a smaller, faster hero, like Fly. Ladybug is good because she has ranged armor and her extra shields work like magic.

Of course this may not be possible in every situation, but if you lure the robot to a giant spider, it will constantly kick it, killing the spider easily.

Playroom is a tough level because of the amount of pill bugs and flea gunners, not only that but there will be a lot of siege maggots attacking which is where the forcefield helps a lot as it knocks them away. With fly you have good mobility and a ranged attack to pick enemies off and termites turrets will help a lot in defence. In high rounds, you might also get constant Elephant Snail spawns, which makes spider very useful. (Assuming you can reach those high rounds) A good turret setup is 2x Zappers (or MGs) a Forcefield, and a Mushroom Turret.

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