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Pond is the fifth Adventure map, added in the version 1.1 . It consists of a narrow sandy shore and a pond crisscrossed by pieces of wood. The base is located at one of the ends of the shore.


Half of the map is a sandy shore, complete with rocks to block off the path. In front of the collection of rocks is where enemies constantly spawn. There is also a large stick with multiple branches floating in the water near the base where cheeky enemies sometimes spawn. They provide most of the food and quest objectives, yet are easy to get cornered on. To put more pressure onto your back, many turtles frequently pop out of the water and try to snap at you if you're near the swamp. They cause extreme knockback and has quite a bit of range, but their attack has a long delay, which is usually enough to get you out of their attack range.


This area features the Dragonflies, the Fireflies, and the Crabbies. Dragonflies move extremely fast and rely on hit-and-run tactics to take food from the base, while the Giant Dragonflies move much more slowly but constantly spawn more Dragonflies. Army Fireflies are unaffected by ground-based abilities (such as Burrow Mines or Snare Webs), can fly through the brackish water, and become slightly more powerful at night. The Crazy Fireflies fly towards your hero and self-destructs, causing alot of damage and knockback. Lastly, Crabbies are basically the offensive tanks of your enemies. Their sturdy shell halves the damage from all attacks aimed at it's shell, which even reflects Ant's bullets. They also have a powerful charging attack to compensate for their slowness, but their charging attack is easily interrupted by explosive-based abilities. Other than their charging attack, it's melee attacks don't do much damage compared to the Crazy Fireflies.


Laser turrets are highly effective due to the narrow shape of the map. Have a good setup of turrets to counter dragonflies, particularly MGs paired with a Scouters. Have an escape option of some sort to get out of trouble on the roots in the pond. In this map don't use claymore or burrow mines as a defense because dragonflies just fly over these.

Pond - Round 138 (N)

Turret Setup: MG, Sniper, 2x Laser


Fly - Pick Pocket/Quick Draw/Spinning Shot/Scoundrel

Termite - GunTurret/AC turret/Railgun turret/Spark Plugs/Food Cultivator

Worm - Explosive Ammo/Slime Grenade/Nuke/Claymores

Map Tips:

Pond is pretty simple and this turret setup will do most of the work for you with lasers and the mg handling dragonflies, and the sniper for crabs/snails.
You will want to place your termite turrets near the spawn to the left which is where the giant spiders and queen ants usually spawn. Worms nuke is available if you have trouble taking queen ants out, and you must be extremely careful when crossing the pond to not get trapped as this team lacks an escape option.

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