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The central table, with a walkway seen on the bottom-left.

Restaurant is the seventh Adventure map, available via the IAP pack, "Death from Above." The map consists of two tables connected by narrow walkways to a central table, with the base located on the central table.


There are no particularly special features. Only the very unique enemies are special..


Be careful of the Gnats, who will not fall to their deaths if knocked off the tables, because they fly. This is annoying since there are lots of space for
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The second table, with a walkway seen above.

enemies to fall off. There are 2 types of Gnats, the swarmer, melee type and the ranged type. Be warned, for the melee Gnats can easily stack up in groups and snatch a little of your food you currently hold with each swing, quickly detoriating your held food supply. There are Hungry Bugs, which are fast, medium health bugs with armor similar to the Armor Ant's who swings forks and knives in a spiral periodically to knock heroes back. One hungry bug is not very dangerous, but getting cornered by a group can wipe out 700+ HP. Be sure to leave abilities for them or attack them when they're tired. Two grubby bugs are the
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The rectangular table, with a walkway seen on the left.

Devourers and the Goo Bugs. The Devourers speed up the time it takes for food to disappear, thus limiting the chance of recovering HP, and also are capable of a powerful, quick bite attack. They have very high health, but are immobile. The Goo Bugs, when close enough, will shower goop on your base, messing up your turrets. However, the bulky Goo Bugs have no means of defending itself otherwise. All of the unique enemies that spawn here exclusively are all annoying in their own rights and take completely different strategies to take down.


A hero with a teleport ability is desperately needed due to the ease of getting trapped between tables. Fast heroes like Fly and Spider are also useful for escaping hungry bugs. Have a crowd-controller too, as the gnats can easily clump up. The walkways between the tables are also perfect chokepoints for ant's burrow mines, or worm's weapons. Also be careful because you can get cornered easily.

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