Scorpion is the Alternative Hero of the Fiddler Crab. Scorpion was actually the orginal hero on the Suggestions page, but for unknown reasons Foursaken Media had switched them.
Ipod 043

the Scorpion hero as seen on the gameplay

Description: Scorpion replaces Crab's melee armor and ranged armor with speed and take aim, respectively. This makes him much more faster, albeit nowhere near as fast as other heroes, and damaging hero with less armor than Crab. While his armor is still respectable, Crab's melee and ranged armor skills give him much more then Scorpion. Scorpion's speed allows him to become a more offensive version of the Crab, allowing Scorpion to be slightly more effective in the Coliseum. With fully upgraded Speed and Take Aim, and the right melee specials, Scorpion has the potentional to be incredibly powerful, if used correctly.

Recommended Level-Ups: Speed should be upgraded first for best survivability. Then It is best to choose between armor or take aim, or to upgrade them together. Upgrade Take Aim to use offensively, and armor if the player has difficulties with dodging or wishes to use Scorpion defensively. Upon upgrading take aim, however, the player may find they do not use their speed as well as they might like to. Health goes last.

Recommended Basic Loadout: Elbow Smash, Swat, Thick Shell, Defender and Boom.

Recommended Advanced Loadout:

Elbow Smash (Reasonable cooldown and powerful, especially in conjunction with Big Claw)

Counter Claw (Though difficult to use, it can prevent a lot of damage) Thick Shell (Compensates for Scorpion's lesser armor)

Boom (Makes Scorpion's rocket the most powerful projectile in the game, in addition to a short cooldown) 
Big Claw (The boost for Counter Claw and Elbow Smash is greatly appreciated).
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