Scouter turrets increase the range of all other turrets. However, the Scouter Turret itself cannot attack.

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A Scouter Turret pointing out something important.

Buying/Upgrading a Scouter Turret is relitively cheap. The turret itself costs only 200$, and having an low final cost of 2400$ when fully upgraded.

Scouter Turrets gain the unique ability to check the entire map for food, coins, and treasure chests (in the attic) and mark them with a blue arrow when they are upgraded to lvl four. Having a lvl four+ Scouter Turret can be a huge help to completing coin collector quests, or picking up food when your stash is getting low.

They're not useful on linear and small maps, where food and other powerups are straight-forward to find. Yet, on big maps or ones with many little spots, like Yard or Attic, Scouter Turrets may help you a lot with the quests. They're useful with all turrets, but they're best when partnered with Machine Guns or Magnifiers, as they have short range. The biggest advantage of Scouters is that they're the cheapest of all the turrets, costing only $1000 to upgrade to level 5.

The Scouters don't exactly have large downsides, however they are still not mandatory for reaching high rounds.

Turret Upgrade Prices:

  • (lvl 0) 200
  • lvl 1 200
  • lvl 2 300
  • lvl 3 400
  • lvl 4 700
  • lv 5 1000

Note: The small red flee who sits on top of the scouter turret turns toward the nearest enemy on the map until that enemy is destroyed.

Note 2: Each lvl 4+ scouter turret you own can point out only one item on the map at a time. If you have three scouter turrets, you will have three blue arrows marking the locations of food, coin, or treasure.

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