Birdseye view of the map using the handy range of Ant's teleport.

A small, cramped coliseum level. It can be very hard for beginners. Don't come here before you learn how to control your hero!


Near the centre lies the throne of the king ant. If you look closely, there's a sign saying "V.I.B." on it. To the right, a sink blocks off the area, leaving only a small pathway to get on the otherside. Many toiletries lie around, leaving areas for your hero to hide...or for the enemies to ambush you. A special feature that was added after a release was a set of color-varying vitamin pills that boost one stat depending on the color. For example, the blue pills grants extra speed, the red pills boosts damage and yellow pills increase armor for short amounts of time. Unlike the mushrooms, you don't need to 'grow' them to get the full effect, but they still retain the shrinking action if left for a long time.


Like Treestump, the level features a bland, yet simple set-up. Queen ants, Elephant Snails and the likes may normally appear on the small walkway right of the sink. Fleas of all sorts are extremely common.


Small, fast heroes are best. Have teleport abilities for the areas where being cornered is easy, like beside the sink and in the bottom left corner. Be able to counter Queen Ants and Elephant Snails, as the enemies they spawn and the large beings themselves will really stuff you up, normally leaving no area to dodge attacks. Ladybug is great for this level, having good speed, damage (along with fast attacks) and armour, which are essential for surviving the cramped times. If you're ant, set your porta-turrets/burrow mines around the starting position.

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