Dev Description: Slug (Worm) -- "You wanted Worm with more HPs, you got it Sacrificing Worm's regeneration ability, Slug instead becomes more and more durable with the standard Health upgrades. Worm's innate regen is still very fast, so Slug could potentially be a very powerful, less risky version of Worm, though without the ability to nearly instantly regen health like a fully upgraded Worm can. Oh, also he is also immune to poison damage."

Description: If you want to use Worm, use Slug instead. He still regenerates, and you don't have to worry about getting killed instantly past round 20. There really isn't any bad side, and immunity to poison damage is a benefit for keeping the Regen. But, some people may still find him useless; he only gains 20 health for each health upgrade, having end up with only 500 (on easy mode). Beetle gains a ton of health, so maybe the same should be for Slug, and still being slowed by poison can frustrate lots of people.

Alright, no one seems to show slug any love. It seems weird to me because slug is one of my favourite ranged heroes. Yes, his health level up isn't that large, yes his attack doesn't do much damage, and yes, he is very slow. But at the same time, slug slowly treads across the battlefield gunning down ants and fleas as far as the eye can see. Slug is a beefier, more sluggish (See what I did there?) version of worm that can take some hits. My recommended load out for him is:

  1. Slime Grenade. This is just for the slug theme, but i do like the poison effect that it has.
  2. Tremor Bomb. Use this to knock around enimies that get to close to slug,
  3. Riot Gear. Now this is where it gets fun, us this to increase slug's armour and spread out your bullets.
  4. Claymore. Self explanatory.


Recommended Level-Ups: With Health, offensive skills like Take Aim may be a lot more reliable, but Demolitions should still be put at least a few points first. Health and Take Aim should be next.

Recommended Basic Loadout: Bayonet, Grenade, Slime Grenade, Riot Gear and Nuke.

Recommended Advanced Loadout: Grenade (good to use at any time), Claymores (place it correctly!), Explosive Ammo (used correctly, it can create infinite chaos!), Kamikazi (its amazing damage spares more when Slug has *slightly* more health) and Nuke (just use it whenever there's loads of any enemy (smaller ones are better).

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