Dev Description: Snail (Ant) -- "This guy is the one and only ranged tank in the game... he forgoes Ant's speed and Lucky Shot skills for Hardened Shell and Armor. Losing Lucky Shot may seem like a big blow, but with Snail it is far less important to keep smaller enemies at bay when he has such thick armor. Armor + Hardened Shell + Static Discharge is quite an amazing line of defense!"

Description: Ant is still mostly used for his abilities, so the skin change doesn't have the biggest effect. The problem is, Snail still starts with no armor (FM never stated that he would start with more armor) and Hardened Shell (unless it you makes you basically invincible when it and armor are fully upgraded) is very unreliable. Worst of all, he is very slow!  If enemies get up in close combat, Snail's gun will be too long to fire at them. No matter what you do, NEVER use him on Office as the ranged guy. The Assassin Bugs are too fast and will slash him before they die, and without lucky shot, those Spikies will take a lot longer to die.

  • Recommended Level-Ups: Armor and Health should be equalized for maximum durability. Then Static Blast to get the enemies away. Hardened Shell is too unreliable to be upgraded any earlier.
  • Recommended Basic Loadout: Shoulder Turret, Porta-Turret, Big Bullets, Better Base Turrets and Teleporter
  • Recommended Advanced Loadout: Shoulder Turret (well, with a guy like this, he'll need the extra firepower), Big Bullets (the best way to replace Lucky Shot), Piercing Bullets (aim carfully to get the best out of it), Better Base Turrets (who can't bother having this?) and Teleporter (a slow guy like this needs it even more).
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